About Bass Louie

Bass Louie® is a Waterway Protector and supports sustainability and environmentally sensitive sport fishing! He and his Waterway Protector team work hard to clean up our rivers and lakes, keep waterways healthy, and stop polluters from endangering wildlife and ecosystems.

The Bass Louie® team believes that the connection between families and healthy waterways is a natural fit. Fishing, swimming, and exploring the treasures of the shoreline are some of the best memories – and some of the most magical moments in life. But those moments can’t happen if our waterways are dirty or dying.

Together with Bass Louie®, everyone can help generations to come make their own happy, water-filled memories.

Everyone wants to be a superhero – and Bass Louie® gives you a way to do just that. You can can make a difference and actually save the river down the street … while hanging out with your friends!

Bass Louie® offers a free membership and additionally provides resources such as fishing “101,” where to fish locations and special programs, and even gear for all ages that help them get excited about protecting our waterways. We also have free educator resources for teachers to use in their classrooms!

With fun videos, a coloring book, fishing gear, and much more, you can be a Waterway Protector, a real-life superhero!