5 Things Junior High School and College Anglers Can Do To Protect The Planet

By Bass Louie 07/03/2018

As an angler, you’re really on the front lines of protecting our planet. Imagine how much difference you and your friends could make if you make these small changes today, and then keep them up forever!

Big changes come from small actions. Read on to learn some small things you can do that will make a big difference for our shared home – you know, Earth.

Here are 5 easy things anglers can do to help protect the environment:

    1. Carry a bag in your boat for broken lines, lures, and weights –

      Instead of dumping them in the lake and dispose of them properly when you get back to shore. This keeps the wildlife in our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans protected!

    2. Practice Catch. Photo. Release. –

      Catch, photo, and release (or CPR for short) is a really easy way to help protect our fish and the environment – and you get to show off to all your friends!

    3. Get a Reusable Water Bottle –

      You drink lots of water to stay healthy, but the 50 billion plastic water bottles Americans use every year are certainly NOT healthy for the Earth. Go get yourself a cool reusable water bottle, and not only will you keep a ton of trash out of our landfills, you’ll save a BOATLOAD of money compared to buying bottled water. (Bonus: No more wondering “Whose water is this?” and accidentally drinking after someone else.)

    4. Recycle Your Old Tech for $$$ –

      Old phones, laptops, tablets … they’re full of two things: toxic waste and MONEY. Never throw old electronics in the trash. They’re full of harmful chemicals that can leech into our groundwater. Instead, recycle them at your local electronics store, or trade them in and get credit for something new!

    5. Support Environmentally Responsible Companies –

      Even if you’re not old enough to vote, you can still vote with your wallet. When you’re buying something, eating at a restaurant, or downloading a new app, do a little research and find out if the company supports environmental or social causes you’re into. The more money we all spend at companies with a cause, the wider the message of environmental protection can go!

    6. Buy Only What You Need –

      In our materialistic culture, it can be so tempting to “buy, buy, buy!” But for everything you buy – from lip gloss to DVDs – there’s a carbon footprint (that means how much waste was created to manufacture and ship that product). You can lower YOUR carbon footprint simply by buying only what you need, and skipping stuff that’s only going to end up buried in the back of your closet anyway.

    7. Bring Your Own Cup to Starbucks

      – 4 BILLION disposable Starbucks cups are thrown away every year. Make that less by bringing your own cup to Starbucks. It doesn’t have to be a “Starbucks” logo cup – any cup will do. Plus, you’ll get a $0.10 discount when you do, and look all suave being all environmental and stuff.

Just follow along with these recommendations and you’re on your way to helping the environment! Want to do more? Sign up today and become a Bass Louie Club member.