charter fishing companies
Follow these tips to make sure you choose the right charter fishing company to host your day on the water!

Heading out onto the open sea on a chartered fishing trip, with no responsibilities other than remembering to reapply your sunscreen, is a daydream come true. But if you choose the wrong charter fishing company, it could end up being a nightmare.

When you head out to the docks – or on your laptop – to find a charter company, you’re going to have tons of options to choose from. So here are some things to consider when you’re booking a chartered fishing trip.

Pick one that’s close – because the boats leave EARLY

Chartered fishing trips tend to leave VERY early in the morning, and you’d hate to miss yours because you overslept or got stuck in traffic. The morning of your trip, you’ll be glad you don’t have to drive all the way across town.

There are lots of different types of trips

Charter companies offer lots of different options for trips, and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re looking to fish for a specific species or have special requests. Most will be happy to design a trip just for you. The people who run these charters love fishing! They are thrilled to accommodate their customers’ passions.

Shared vs. Private Charters

If you’re with a group, chartering your own private boat can be the way to go. Just you and your buddies, out on the water like you’re all high-rollers in a private boat. But if you’re alone, sharing a charter is the more affordable option. You’ll be out with strangers, but that’s a great way to make new fishing buddies.

Half-day, full-day and overnight trips

The length of trip you choose has more to do with how much you can afford and how long you want to be out rather than how many fish you want to catch. Sometimes you’ll catch more in one hour than you will in an overnight trip. Though the longer you’re out, the further you’ll get to go.

Check out reviews

Your #1 goal on a fishing charter is to have a good time. While the captain and crew can’t guarantee you’re going to catch fish, they do have a ton of control over whether or not you enjoy your trip. Check up on each company and read reviews carefully. Look for consistent examples of excellent service and friendly, accommodating hosts.

Consider amenities

Does the boat have a bathroom? A fighting chair? A kitchen? Though these things may not seem like a big deal when you’re on dry land, they can make a huge difference when you’re out on the water for hours.