A Stinky Situation: Part 2 – Apocalypse Fields

By Bass Louie 08/07/2018

Cindy came by to see me today. She’s got a new school project “Cleaning Up The Lake” that her dad is complaining about. Her dad, we call him “Fat Chance,” always thinks her working to protect the environment is lame. He thinks one person can’t make a difference. But he’s so wrong!

“Dad thinks my project is stupid,” she said. “He thinks I can’t make a difference because I’m just one person, and says I’m ‘just a kid.’ I’ll show him, though!”

Cindy never lets her dad’s bad attitude get her down. She’s confident, strong, smart, and never gives up! She knows that if she works hard, good things will come her way.

Cindy and I chatted as she sat on the shore and ate her lunch. She didn’t throw me any pieces of bread because she knows bass only like to eat meat – like fish, lizards and frogs. But since Cindy doesn’t like eating frogs, she didn’t have any to share!

“Cindy, I keep seeing these people all around my lake,” I told her. “They’re all dressed up, so I know they’re not coming here to fish with their kids or swim or hike. They don’t have any fishing gear, but they have these clipboards every time. Can you help me figure out if they’re up to something?”

“I saw them, too, on the way here!” she said. “On their clipboards, I saw the name Apocalypse Fields. That can’t be good.”  

“Oh yeah, that does sound bad,” I told her. “We need to check this out. Can you see if you can find out anything?”

“I’m on it!” Cindy assured me. She carefully packed up her lunch bag , making sure she didn’t leave any wrappers or trash behind, and headed off to put her sleuthing skills to work.

If anyone can find out what Apocalypse Fields in planning, it’s Cindy!”

Check back to find out what Apocalypse Fields is up to in A Stinky Situation: Part 3!