A Stinky Situation – Part 5: Labcoat Larry Jumps in to Help

By Cindy 10/01/2018

Knock, knock, knock.

I knocked on Labcoat Larry’s laboratory door. I knew I had to knock loud, because Larry LOVES to rock out to his music while he’s working!

He opened the door, pulling off his headphones…

“Cindy! So awesome to see you! Come on in, look at what I’ve been working on,” Labcoat Larry said.

I stepped into his lab, which always amazes me! Beakers and Bunsen burners and microscopes everywhere! So much cool science equipment to experiment with!

He led me over to a large steel lab table. “Check this out – I’m working on a way to turn orange juice into an invisibility paint! Just imagine – you could paint yourself invisible and go anywhere without being seen! How cool would that be???”

“That’s amazing Larry – how long until it’s complete?” I asked.

“Not sure. I’m still in the testing phase. If you come by next time and don’t see me, you’ll know it works!” he said, cracking himself up.

“Larry, I’ve come by because I need your help,” I said. “We just found out that a fertilizer company, Apocalypse Fields, is planning on buying Bass Louie’s lake and dumping its waste chemicals into it.”

“Oh no,” Larry said, with obvious worry painted over his face. “That’s bad. Really bad.”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out – what I came to ask you: What will happen to Bass Louie’s lake if it has a bunch of fertilizer waste dumped into it?”

“Well, first I’ll have to find out what they use in their fertilizers, so we’ll know what chemicals will be going into the lake,” he said. “Then I can find out how it will affect the lake and the plants and animals that live there.”

“I’ll call you as soon as I find out something – I’ll get to work right now!” said Labcoat Larry.

“Ok see you soon!”

I walked out, but I didn’t feel any better. The look on Larry’s face when I told him about the dumping made me very worried. I could tell that this situation could be way worse than we even thought.

I couldn’t wait to see what Labcoat Larry found out about the fertilizer chemicals. Then, we could really get started!

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