Bass Louie is One Mad Bass who isn’t afraid to stand up for his home!

By Bass Louie 07/10/2018

Hey there future Waterway Protector! My name is Bass Louie, and I’m known as “one mad bass.” Does that mean I’m just an ornery old fish? It does – but only to people who try to mess up our beautiful waterways!

But I don’t do it alone. I’ve got an amazing group of Waterway Protectors who work with me to keep our rivers and lakes healthy and clean.

My friend Cindy helps me communicate with the human world. She carries the Waterway Protector’s message of conservation and responsibility to her friends on land.

Cindy cares about all living creatures – both in and out of the water! She’s tough, and she’s not scared to stand up to polluters and poachers.

She may be small, but she’s powerful when it comes to standing up for what she believes in!

Omni is an eagle. He flies all over keeping an “eagle eye” out for environmental disasters waiting to happen. Omni lets us know when he spots a problem so we can jump into action fast.

Epiphany is a Trinidad guppy with a tiny body and a giant mind. He inspires our team and always helps us find solutions to the problems we face. Epiphany never gives up! He knows there is ALWAYS something we can do to help!

Together, we FIGHT for the lakes, rivers and streams we love. We take on big companies, poachers who want to take what’s not theirs, and anyone wants to do harm to our waterways.

And we need your help! Don’t forget to sign up for the Bass Louie club, where you can have a ton of fun helping protect the lakes and rivers that are YOUR favorite!

Join the Bass Louie Club and become a waterway protector today!