mentoring - teaching a child to fish

Bring the joy of fishing to a child – Become a mentor!

By adminbass428 12/27/2018
mentoring - teaching a child to fish
Mentoring a child is less about what they catch and more about what they come home with.

What’s your fishing origin story? If you love to fish, more than likely, your story includes happy memories of being taught to fish by someone important to you. Fishing isn’t the type of thing people pick up randomly later in life. Someone has to teach you, and they have to do it while you’re young.

But, unfortunately, lots of kids don’t have that. Fishing tends to run in families, just like blonde hair or allergies. It’s not genetic, but if dad knows how to fish, he’ll teach his kids, and his kids will grow up to teach their kids, and so on.

But if not, they’re never likely to pick up the hobby unless someone steps in to help. That person can be you.

All kinds of kids love fishing!

Do you know a child who would love to learn to fish? Fishing is a great sport for more than just an avid outdoors-kid. What about…

A budding naturalist or environmentalist, who would love to learn more about what goes on underwater?

A city kid whose only idea of the outdoors is a city park, who could learn valuable lessons about the world around them by spending time in REAL nature?

A kid with a packed academic and extracurricular calendar, who could use a whole day of casting next to a peaceful stream to relax?

Organizations connect mentors and children

If you don’t personally know a child that you’d like to mentor, there are plenty of fishing organizations that can match you with one. Here are a just a few, but there are tons more online!

Fishing For Life – Fishing for Life is a Christian-based organization that sponsors fishing programs for youth, families, veterans, and communities in the Twin Cities.

Future Fisherman Foundation – This nationwide network of state outdoor educators, national conservation groups, youth organizations and other educators dedicated to introducing America’s youth to angling, conservation and the outdoors lifestyle.

Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors – Pass It On matches caring adults who have a passion for the outdoors with children that want to learn. Pass It On is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to giving children the chance to experience the great outdoors.