Cash Daniels

Meet Cash, the 8-year-old proving “kids can make a difference”

By Bass Louie 08/22/2018
Cash Daniels with Gear On
Cash Daniels – Bass Louie Waterway Protector!

I want all of you to meet Cash. He is a real-life superhero, a true Waterway Protector that is proving kids can make a difference.

I got a letter from Cash last week. I was so impressed by what he’s doing to protect the waterways near his home that I just had to share his letter with all of you!

Hello, my name is Cash, I am 8. I just signed up for your email list. I just wanted to let you know I have started leading my own river clean-ups to save our water and wildlife. I am looking forward to getting more information from you guys about how I can help even more. I have done 2 community clean-ups and several on my own with my parents and little brother. I carry my bucket everywhere I go so I never have a reason not to clean up. Thanks for thinking kids can make a difference.

You’re never too young to make a difference!

Every hand counts – whether it’s a big hand or a small hand. What could you do to make a difference in your neighborhood?

Here are some ideas you can try out yourself:

  • Start a recycling program at your school
  • Organize “clean the river” days with your friends
  • Talk your parents and grandparents into recycling
  • Plant native plants in your yard to attract birds and insects
  • Volunteer with a local cleanup group
  • And the easiest one of all – any time you see trash on the ground, pick it up!

Sign up to become a Waterway Protector today!